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How to Take Your Customer Relationship to the Next Level


March 28, 2024


Do you want to wow your existing customers? Are you ready to take your "relationship" with them to the next level? It may be time to grab your data and do some personalized marketing.

What You Need

To get your customers' attention, you need tools to measure buying frequency and purchase history. You'll also want their email addresses.

If you don't have that, start collecting it. If you do, let's talk about how to use it to drive additional sales.

Selling to existing, repeat customers is one of the easiest ways to increase sales. They already love you. But even people who love you and your products/services can forget to buy from you, primarily if you sell a product or service that is want-based, not need-based, like a restaurant.

You will eventually need to remind your customers of their love for you. A personalized email is ideal for this.

Components of a Standout Personalized Reminder Email

When some business owners think about “personalized” emails, they think of form fields that insert names.

But we’re moving beyond that.

This type of reminder email speaks to your personalized relationship with your customer, making it more effective in driving sales than simply referring to someone's name. In addition to using their name, you want to include:


Purchase History

Only include some of what they've ever bought. The entire list may be overwhelming, and they may decide they've spent too much money with you. Instead, highlight what they purchased most often.

“You sure do like our decadent chocolate shake, maybe almost as much as we like having you as a customer. Wouldn’t today be the perfect day to order one? Mmmmm. Chocolate.”

Drive those impulse buys.


Upsell Opportunities

Suggest other things they may love the next time they buy from you. Point out how convenient, popular, or valuable your other offerings are.

“You know what one of our most popular services is? Eyebrow waxing. We tame most of the brows in town and that service is the perfect complement to the highlights you already love. In fact, the waxing can be done while your color cures. That way you leave with gorgeous hair and a refined look with no additional time out of your day. Just what you need, right?”

More Ways to Love You

In the email, suggest more ways to love your services or products. End the email with a call to action, which could be an invitation to stop in, a coupon for their next visit, an invitation to try a new location, sharing ways to connect on social media, a picture of their favorite item or service, and a "we miss you" invitation. This message will get them thinking about you again and drive more sales. Remember to use evocative imagery in your close so they can't help but come see you soon.

Remaining top of mind is critical to getting more sales from loyal customers. Giving them a little “friendly reminder” email is free and will help you stay connected.

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