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Should I Use AI for My Business?

By Sweet Home Chamber | December 1, 2023

Back to Blog AI is certainly the “Belle of the Ball” these days, but it’s also under scrutiny. It can save businesses a lot of time, but many professionals fear what the adoption might mean. Is it right for you and your business? First, unless you are off the grid, you’re likely already using AI…

10 Fears You Need to Overcome as a Successful Business Owner

By Sweet Home Chamber | November 3, 2023

Back to Blog Starting and managing a business is no small feat. While you may feel empowered to start a business or work for yourself, it can be daunting. You may be facing a myriad of fears and uncertainties. Unfortunately, there’s no magical time that they go away. It’s not like once you pass the…

10+ Tips for Saving Money on Your Business Expenses

By Sweet Home Chamber | September 29, 2023

Back to Blog While the MetLife and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index reached its highest level of confidence since COVID-19 in Q3 of 2023, many businesses are still battling rising costs and trying to make every dollar count. According to the report, 33% of small businesses say the U.S. economy is in good…

What in the World Does a Chamber of Commerce Do?

By Sweet Home Chamber | September 1, 2023

Back to Blog If you walked into a crowded room and asked the question in the title of this article, what would you expect to hear? The chamber of commerce is like the government, right? No, it keeps track of business complaints. No, they’re like greeters for the community. Like the Welcome Wagon. They’re a…

Why You Absolutely Need to Start Using Customer Data (and 4 clever ways to do so)

By Sweet Home Chamber | April 28, 2023

Back to Blog Do you have a home assistant? I’m not talking about an Alfred to your Bruce Wayne. No, I mean like Siri, Alexa, or Google Home. Have you traded your privacy for convenience? Many of your customers likely have, and if that’s the case, their consumer expectations are changing rapidly. If you’re not…

AI for Business: Bewares and Boasts

By Sweet Home Chamber | March 30, 2023

Back to Blog Practical ways to use it in business and what to avoid At first glance, especially for people who have trouble writing or have difficulty starting and collecting their thoughts at a keyboard, AI can feel like the smartest kid in the class, offering to do your homework for free forever. It seems…

How to Use Facebook to Promote During Small Business Season

By Sweet Home Chamber | November 30, 2022

Back to Blog Is it just us or does Black Friday seem to have withered on the vine? Years ago, people would run out to get their newspapers on Thanksgiving to peruse the deals and map out their shopping plans. This year, holiday deals began in October and thus they’ve lost some of their luster…

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